No Blue Skies Seen Here

"Hello! My name is Salma! I'm apart of the military police, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance!"

Mother of Cornelius de Luca Sinclair.
Relationship status: Single
FaceClaim: Michelle Dockery
M!A: None!

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Dooble dumps of the day~!!

1) Salma when she’s 28, her babies are 8 and 5 by then and she’s tired most of the time because she still works pfftt-
she’s most likely a squad leader at this point uwu

2)Romeo and Pregnant!Salma floof. <3

3)A friend of mine requested I draw Romeo and Salma on their wedding day so I did the thing uwu

4) Marianne and Andrea c: 

that’s about it~))