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1. Your muse accidentally trips onto mine
2. My muse finds out that yours broke something important to them
3. Your muse walks in on mine in the shower
4. Our muses get into a car accident
5. Your muse cut a decent gash on my muse’s leg
6. My muse finds out you cheated on them
7. Your muse killed someone
8. Our muses kiss
9. Your muse punches mine in the face
10. My muse falls victim to a prank meant for someone else

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Closed rp w/ goddessofhumanity   










"But you’re mean to yours sister and sometimes Lee and that’s not nice. He cares about you too, y’know." He said, crossing his own arms. "But we’re not having this discussion here, it’s Easter and as the easter bunny I decree that you stop being grumpy." Clifford pinched her cheek, the girls giggling. Lilly wanted to play though, so she turned to Violet.
"Do you wanna play with my dinosaurs?"

She raised an eyebrow, but didn’t want to say something about his comment, after all she knew that first hand.
"You’ll find someone willing to put up with your attitude and such…give it time." She said,picking Lionel up who began to coo for her.

Jasmine crossed her arms and legs, huffing and turning her gaze away. “Well, I don’t like Leela—I mean, my father. He has other kids to worry about, and I just happen to not be one of them, even though I was his first,” as for Violet, Jasmine wasn’t going to say anything about that or she might be slapped.

Violet, lost in the conversation between Clifford and Jasmine, turned to Lilly. “Yeah! Let’s go play!” the copper girl jumped up from the couch.

"I think I’m just meant to be alone…," he sighed, looking at Lionel and waving a finger at him. "That’s what Athena told me,"

Clifford shook his head, not knowing what else to say. So scooping her up like he use to do when she was little, he held her close to his person. “At least he’s trying,” he said, patting her back.

Salma huffed, glaring at Romeo. “That is not true! You’re a great guy! A little rough around the edges,but an overall great guy!” She said as Lionel got hold of Romeo’s finger and went to put it in his mouth.

This time, Jasmine didn’t complain. She leaned onto Clifford. “I know…but…honestly, I’d rather have you as my father anyway,” usually she would be saying that to kiss up, but she meant it this time. “You’re a cool, funny, dorky dad, and I love you very much,”

Romeo wiggled his finger a bit and chuckled. “Well, if you think that about me, why did we break up?”

"I love you too…but he loves you too. You know we almost got in a fight the day you were born?" He chuckled, looking down at Jasmine.

Lillith jumped off the couch too, taking Violet’s hand. “Ok let’s go!”

Salma looked down at Lionel, having him release Romeo’s finger. “Because I got tired…but it wasn’t like I didn’t wait for you…I waited for you to call…to come back into my life, but..you didn’t. So I gave up and moved on…”

"No way," Jasmine snickered. "Was it over something stupid?

Violet nodded and let Lillith lead her to her bedroom, giggling like crazy.

Romeo sighed and wiped his finger on his pants. “There was no way to get a hold of you, Salma. We had no phones, no computers, nothing. I was able to give one of my buddies a message to you, telling you I was to be home within a month,” he smiled bitterly. “But, I can guess that never made it to you,”

"It was about you and your mom,actually." He laughed. "And who deserved to see you two more, he was very persistent, but he cared."

Opening her room door, Lillith presented it proudly. “Ta-da!”

She shook her head, “I wasn’t told anything…” her voice sad, rubbing Lionel’s back.

"Really?" Jasmine lifted an eyebrow with intrigue. "Did you guys duke it out or something?"

Violet looked around the room in awe, and with slight envy. “So pretty,” she ventured around the room and looked at everything.

Of course. He was sure if that message did get through to Salma, they would have been together right now. But, that wasn’t the case. “It’s in the past, and I’d rather not think too much of it right now,”

"No, I left the hospital for a bit, I didn’t want to deal with him." He admitted. "For a moment I thought ‘I didn’t need this…I didn’t need any of this mess.’ But I loved your mom too much, and I loved you just as much as well, so I made the effort." He sighed, remembering the day.

Lilly hopped over to her toy box, digging through it. “Which dinosaur do you wanna play?”

Salma sighed, walking over to Romeo and hugging him, Lionel confused. “Well I’m really happy you’re here…and if anything, I know it sounds cliche but I really do want to be friends..”

Jasmine wiggled her nose, listening intently to Clifford. “So, if you really didn’t love mom or me, you wouldn’t be here right now?” it saddened her to think of that, since Clifford was a great father to her. “What would you have done if dad wanted to get back together with mom? Would you have fought for her?”

Grabbing the T-Rex doll, Violet shook it in the air. “This one!” she plopped onto the ground and made growling noises.

"It’s not cliche at all," he pulled back, smiling at Salma. "I want to be friends with you too. I know we can never go back to the way we were, but I still want to be a part of your life in some way,"

He nodded his head. “But that’ll never be true, because you’re my little princess~” Clifford kissed the top of Jasmine’s head. “And I love your mom too much to just call it quits.” Thinking over her question, he shrugged a bit. “I would be heart broken, but you see your mother isn’t an object to be fought over, nor is any women or man, because we’re human. And if she wanted to be with him, I wouldn’t have got in the way….” 

Lillith grab the brontosaurus, giggling and plopping right in front of her cousin. “This one is my favorite!” 

"I really missed you," Salma smiled sadly, looking at her son who was looking at the ceiling, trying to reach for it. "So if this is a way for you to be in my life, I don’t mind one bit. But I want you to meet my husband, he’s a very kind man and I wouldn’t feel comfortable if he didn’t know you and I became friends again." She looked up at Romeo. Though she loved the blonde man, the feeling of romance was long gone and a more friendly one took it’s place, Salma’s heart truly did belong to one man and she was married to him.

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Omg an AU where Kien and Salma are wildlife photographers and they have Lilly and Lionel in their time in Africa and so as Lilly grows up, she grows up with animals and stuff and Lionel is usually carried in a baby backpack ;;v;; ))

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